I am reaching out to you today
to directly invite you to participate
in and support the work I do on our block
and with the King Street Collective.
collective frame
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New York UNITE
Brooklyn UNITE
Red Hook UNITE

King Street

The process is relatively straightforward;
building community takes a community,
 and so every skill and talent can play a part
if you think hard enough about it.

Meet The Team

“Craig Desmond discovered his passion for carpentry and woodworking as a teenager working in a cabinet shop. Desmond founded Ecotone in 2010 on faith that the carpenter’s integral craft is to bring people together in the name of meeting community infrastructure needs. As early as 2008, Desmond began training apprentices in the name of capacity building for the journey ahead. “

Consider a visit to our store to purchase one-of-a-kind, handcrafted wellness products. 
All proceeds of the Ecotone store support our Apprentice training programming.