In 2009 Craig Desmond began designing and building conceptual spaces in community wellness. He founded Ecotone as a community building and youth apprenticeship program, but his vision would come to require various income streams, a broad range of expertise, and disruptive ingenuity. Ecotone today continues to evolve with Desmond’s experience building spas, gardens, and public works.

custom spa

Ecotone Spa

Ritualistic wellness and elemental design are at the heart of both the sauna and the Ecotone experiences. Today, sauna and spa design and construction are core competencies of Ecotone’s commercial offerings.

Ecotone Garden

Public parks and gardens have been regular hosts to Ecotone community work. Garden construction became a natural fit for Ecotone’s commercial operations and Desmond’s overall aesthetic.

Ecotone Public Works

‘Community wellness’ is an inclusive movement and Ecotone works across boroughs and demographics. As Ecotone grows into a fuller expression of its potential, public works remain mission-critical.