Hammams: A Nourishing Bath House Experience


A traditional spa known as a Hammam is starting to become popular again as Americans are in need of all forms of rest and relaxation. Hammam is a place as well as the practice of cleansing the body through water or steam. With origins set in the Middle Eastern and North African regions of the world, a Hammam is a relaxing bath that is known to produce the following benefits: healthier glowing skin, a boosted immune system, a more relaxed mind and body, and a better sleep cycle.

Your skin is what will primarily benefit from Hammam. The process of exfoliating your skin is key and entails a mitt used to scrub and remove dead skin from the body. This leads to unclogged pores and minerals getting replenished deeper into your skin to achieve a healthy, natural glow. In the Hammam, the deep sweating process is also essential as sweating detoxes the body by removing toxins through the skin’s pores. This promotes clearer skin and is a great option for those that might be prone to acne.

With tradition as a testament to its benefits, the Hammam process and features haven’t changed for thousands of years. Again, with skin nourishment being the primary focus of a Hammam service, guests start off in a heated room on stone slabs and are given the opportunity to relax their mind. Afterwards, they move onto the cleansing process which relies entirely on soap, water and foam to leave skin feeling refreshed. There’s also a mud or clay treatment right after their hot soak. A masseuse will then use a black soap for another round of cleansing and exfoliation. The process ends with a cold shower and a full-body massage with essential oils – most commonly argan oil – which will leave individuals feeling rejuvenated.

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Hammams also enable the body’s organs to breathe more effectively and have more elasticity. Along with aiding your organs, Hammams boost respiratory health and offer relief through muscle relaxation for those who may suffer from joint pain. The essential oils that are used also have anti-inflammatory and decongesting benefits and can help improve your immune system. The scents of the oils used stimulate the body to relieve exhaustion, improves mental tiredness and can help relax the entire nervous system. For maximum benefit, we suggest having a scheduled time set aside for your Hammam to ensure the full spa experience.

Ecotone is a wellness company that seeks to provide its clients with the equipment and high quality features needed for a well-functioning Hammam. We create premium designs and fittings based on our clientele’s needs, property style and structure. Considering the basic functions of a Hammam, it is important to ensure safety and maintenance. Along with construction management services, Ecotone also follows the guidelines of the Department of Health to ensure that we provide our clients with a clean and comfortable experience for their customers.

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