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Building on Tradition: Where Wellness Meets Timeless Craftsmanship.

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Transition from daily routine to routine wellness

Whether it’s your retreat home in the Catskills, a
freestanding office nestled in the garden of your brownstone, or a rooftop spa cabin, Ecotone approaches your project with wellness design principles at heart. Live, Work, Relax, Recover, and Thrive with Ecotone.

Cabin Offerings

Wellness Homes

An Ecotone wellness home shares the same fundamental goal as a spa or garden: the feeling of transport to a state of restoration and tranquility. An Ecotone cabin residence, in or out of the city, serves as a respite from the stress of city life, exactly where Ecotone shines!

Garden CAbins

Years of backyard and rooftop garden design and installation in NYC led Ecotone to design cabins for tea rooms, saunas, and detached offices. The freestanding garden structure in NYC is a staple of our specialty cabin offerings.

Spa Cabins

When our clients need a spa on their property, rooftop, or even a portable spa to take to the beach or lakeside, we have a cabin solution! Our freestanding and even mobile spa cabins convert to a sleeping cabin or an extra guest room so our clients can transition to wellness wherever they go!


We tailor our custom cabin designs to every customer’s needs and budgetary expectations. Structural components, millwork panels, natural finishes, and interior furnishings are prefabricated in our Brooklyn shop. Installations are logistical operations, and we handle them as efficiently as possible in prefabricated sessions. We can even lower completely fabricated cabins into position by crane!

Post-Natural Design, Urban Natural Building

We have synthesized a combination of best practices in traditional and modern construction techniques that revolve around natural building materials; their inherent resilience, sustainability, and health benefits.
  • Timber Frame Structures with Traditional Joinery
  • Natural Insulation & Finishes for Healthy Interiors
  • Precision Environmental Controls

Wellness Amenities Design & Build

Wellness is an essential component of Ecotone’s core competencies, which is why we’ve integrated spa amenities as a prominent feature in our cabin designs.

  • Saunas & Steam Rooms
  • Halotherapy, Sound & Light Therapy
  • Cold Plunge Pools, Soaking Tubs & More

High-Tech Low-Tech Essentials

We utilize design principles of passive solar design and integrate off-grid essentials to satisfy your specific needs while keeping to the bare necessities.
  • Solar Energy, Water Harvesting, & Wood Burning Stoves
  • Indoor Grow Spaces & Integrated Culinary Greenhouses
  • Smart Home Systems & Devices
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There’s nothing quite like building a spa on the 60th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper. Insurance concerns, city regulations, and other countless logistical roadblocks have stymied even the best construction companies, but these challenging conditions are where our experts shine. We have decades of combined experience navigating New York’s labyrinth of insurance and building regulations. We’re proud of our “A-Team” reputation as the specialists other companies call when a project gets stuck.


Fully Custom Designs

“Out of the box” is not in our vocabulary. All of our designs are 100% custom-made to match the unique needs of your project.

Regulation Compliance

Thanks to our experience and network, your project will never be held up unnecessarily by overlooked compliance considerations.

Expert Construction

Luxury is in the details, and our construction teams pay attention to every aspect of the building process.


Ecotone's attention to detail, responsiveness, knowledge, professionalism, and overall quality has made them a pleasure to work with. On a large commercial project, with high visibility to the city, they performed and completed the work on time and on budget.
Steven Farrah - Senior Project Manager at Gilbane Building Company​
Steven Farrah
Senior Project Manager at Gilbane Building Company​
I am a Project manager for a large developer in the city. Ecotone is well organized, efficient and professional team for onsite work, and project coordination as well. A top notch team, looking forward and hope to work with them again.
Shmiel Mandelbeum
Spa & Sauna - cities we serve - the hamptons - nyc - manhattan - brooklyn


The Ecotone studio is currently located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We have executed projects all over New York City, from skyscrapers in the heart of Manhattan to residential buildings in the outlying boroughs. We’ve even taken on larger projects as far as Montauk, Long Island, and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Send us a message to see if you’re within our project range!


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