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For centuries, terrace gardening has been done by city dwellers. Those tips and tricks have now adopted for terrace gardening designs in NY – a city that truly knows its rooftop gardens. A little preparation and good gardening design can make a big difference, no matter how large or tiny is your rooftop garden.
Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your dream rooftop garden a reality.

Permission and License:

Talk to your landlord and get a hold of any necessary permissions and licenses (if required). Any kind of roof use could be prohibited due to concerns such as building height limits, accessibility, and fire safety regulations.

Structural quality:

Check to see if the roof will support the weight of your garden. This can be done by a certified professional. For example, as the plants grow, they will become much heavier as the soil and pots get pretty heavy. Adding water to them regularly can also bring a lot of weight to a jar full of sand, and it has to be kept in mind.


Make sure your equipment and materials can be taken in and out of the building quickly. Elevators can be of great help if you reside in an apartment whereas running down the stairs every time might be tiring. Factors like emergency lighting, multiple access/exits, fire alarms, and more need to be considered.

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Check if you will be able to bring a hose to your roof. Plant containers need a lot of water, and watering cans can be a hassle. Building a rain barrel or drip irrigation system would also work out to be easy.

Sun Exposure:

Is your garden shaded by nearby buildings or the terrace above you? If your plants are scorching on top of cement, even a little sun can be a concern. Depending on the kind of sun exposure your choice of plants need, you need to check for the right spots on your terrace before planting anything.


You may want to think about putting up a fence or a wall as winds are solid in some areas, which can be harmful to your plants.


Many rooftops are surrounded by other houses. If your rooftop garden would be easily visible to other dwellings, consider shielding it. Covering your wall with vines or just putting up umbrellas around can be good options for your garden’s privacy.

Electrical points for lighting:

To beautify your garden at night and make it more attractive, it’s essential to have sufficient electrical points on the roof for proper lighting. Before you engage in electrical jobs, make sure you are doing it efficiently, following all safety standards.

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