How To Maintain Your Sauna

Sauna Maintenance Tips

A house without a sauna is not a home” – A Finnish saying

At Ecotone, luxury residential design services are just one of our most sought-after services. Many of our New York City clients live very hectic lifestyles as a result of extremely stressful careers. This sort of lifestyle makes it very easy to become completely engrossed with work, with little or no time for relaxation. However, a home sauna provides our clients with the opportunity to transition out of their frenzied, work-loaded days and enter into a space that offers both leisure and relaxation.

However, when you have a home sauna, it is essential that you understand how to properly maintain it. The good news is that maintaining a sauna is actually pretty easy! In fact, it is a lot less complex than taking care of hot tubs or pools. There are just a few basic tips that you should follow to ensure that your sauna remains in good working condition:

Make sure that everyone who uses the sauna cleans their body and feet before entering, as it ensures that the sauna is free of debris and maintains a hygienic environment.

Keep a brush and a bucket of water near the sauna’s entrance for cleaning. After you’ve finished cleaning with it, give the benches a quick scrub. Doing this for 30-60 seconds on a regular basis will help to keep your sauna clean at all times.

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The doors and vents of your sauna should be well maintained. It is important to ensure that the door seals properly and that the vents are not blocked in order to allow for proper convective currents throughout the sauna. Air out the sauna nightly by keeping the door open when the sauna is not in use. The sauna should be washed down at least once a week to keep them clean and the air fresh. Duckboards should be occasionally removed from the sauna, the sauna floor mopped and dried in a conventional manner, and the duckboard thoroughly scrubbed and dried before returning to the sauna. The sauna heater should be wiped down occasionally with a damp cloth to remove lint and dust. The rocks should be removed once a year for cleaning and small or crumbled rocks replaced.

Sanding to level the doors and vents, as well as checking for loose hinges and screws, are all part of basic sauna maintenance. Make sure to keep an eye out for this in your sauna at all times.

If you are using water with your sauna heater to create steam, make sure you avoid using hard water. This is because hard water contains calcium and magnesium salts which will precipitate over time in your sauna, causing a lump build-up. This would only result in more time spent on cleaning and maintaining your sauna. If these build-ups do occur, you can scrub them off with sand disks and a mild cleaning solution.

Sauna benefits are endless. It promotes wellness, community, and incorporating relaxation into one’s daily routine. Another advantage of a sauna is its ease of maintenance. By following the proper maintenance requirements and these tips regularly will ensure for a long-lasting sauna.

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