Seeking Wellness: The Reemergence of the Urban-American Luxury Spa

“The mind and body are always in ‘recovery mode,’ especially when we sleep. CryoTherapy really helps to effectively facilitate those processes to be more efficient, therefore helping you function better and breakthrough barriers mentally and physically (with the right approach and assistance).” Dionne McGinn, founder of Cryothletics

It is only October, and 2020 has already been branded as a “mark and avoid” year. Its frenetic outpouring of abnormal events (universal pandemic, political misgivings, bitter protests, etc.) cracked the structure and harmony that many Americans once relied upon for an orderly life. This is especially true for those who reside in urban dwellings such as NYC, high-populous areas were the primary target of Coronavirus fall-outs. Multiple business closed, millions of jobs were lost, and the stress of it all caused many to abandon NYC altogether and move away. And now that the country is reportedly on its way “back to normal” the New Yorkers who persevered and remained, are now coming out of quarantine and searching for a tranquil refuge.

In New York City, spas are the cornerstone of relaxation and rejuvenation. Between stressful jobs, damp streets, and peculiar subway rides – spas are a space to escape, relax and mute out the noisiness of the city. They are the self-care holy grail and due to its popularity, it is projected to reach $128 billion in earnings by 2022. As a way to raise and redefine the rejuvenation standard, a new spa trend is introduced every year. Most recently, salt therapy has been a popular addition to many spas – salt rooms, salt beds, salt lamps and lately salt stones have all been highly sought out spa offerings. Similar to all other industries, the spa industry constantly researches and brings out the best means to offer relaxation and rejuvenation to its clients.

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Below are some benefits you can expect when visiting a spa:

The spa can relieve you of your stress – a spa visit is one of the best ways to relax and destress. The ambiance and the spa techniques both are enablers to let go of daily stress and any other accumulated tension.

Spas can provide anti-aging benefits – some special spa treatments help in skin hydration and prevent the onset of wrinkles

The spa can help improve your sleep – Since massages enable muscles to relax, it helps in better heart rate and maintaining the blood pressure. This aids in good sleep.

A spa can aid in pain relief – Muscles and tissues go through a lot of uncomfortable positions, long hours of work, and some wear and tear on a daily basis. The massage allows muscles and tissues to relax, repair, and rejuvenate. Some massages like Hot Stone Massage, Swedish massage, and deep muscle massage are extremely beneficial for muscle relaxation and pain relief.

Spas can accentuate weight loss – Spa treatment does aid in weight loss. One of the reasons for weight gain is stress and a spa visit can help reduce stress levels. In addition, hot spa treatment helps in water loss which also aids in weight loss. But the weight that is lost due to water loss has a tendency to come back as water is regained.

There are also some myths about spas to be aware of:

Spa massages release toxins – medical science does not back this claim up. The massage does help in better blood circulation, but not in clearing toxins.

A better spa experience is obtained by using a large number of products – In fact overuse of products could be harmful as they block pores and prevent them from breathing. This also results in acne and plays with the pH balance of the skin.

Spa massages can spread cancer cells – this is simply not true. No massage can spread cancer. But massages can help in pain relief.

Spa massage results will be instant – spa treatments are not magical wands. It takes time for massage and skin treatments to show results.

Pregnant women can miscarry after a spa massage – this is not true. Prenatal massages are a good and safe option for pregnant women

A spa massage can help reduce cellulite – Although a massage cannot reduce cellulite, it can improve the appearance of cellulite by draining excess body fluid and improving blood circulation but these changes are temporary and will not last long

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