What Goes into an Ecotone Custom Sauna Kit?

Custom Sauna Kit

“A relaxing peaceful evening at home is one of life’s greatest pleasures.”

Wellness design is on the rise! More and more people are finding ways to transform their home into a personal oasis that improves their health, mind and overall well-being. Saunas are known to have multiple health benefits – reducing stress, inducing deep sleep, cleansing skin, and fighting illness. They are also known to be extremely relaxing. So, why not consider having a custom-designed sauna built in your own home?

At Ecotone, we normally do commercial installations, but occasionally we take up residential installations as well. We can customize the sauna according to your personal needs and preferences. In addition, we can also get you up-to-date on the varied governmental safety and security regulations. Making sure that you receive exactly what you are expecting is our primary goal. Below are a few recommendations for the best spaces in the home to place your sauna:

  • Near the master bath or shower: No better place to have a sauna than in the privacy of your own shower. This will provide a tranquil experience for your bathing routine.
  • Near the exercise station: Sauna baths are the perfect follow-up to an intense workout, the easy access ensures quick relaxation after some vigorous exercise.
  • On the deck: The space available on a deck is well suited for a sauna and makes it a convenient and great location.
  • By the pool or hot tub: this is one of the most common places to find a sauna and allows you to easily get to the pool right after your sauna session.
  • On the rooftop: Many modern homes that have installed a sauna, place it on the rooftop – another great spot if you want the installation outside of the home.
  • In the backyard: Many people prefer having their saunas in the backyard because of the open space.

Generally, these are the best locations to place a sauna we would love to install a sauna for you. We use softwood to keep humidity at bay and we will provide you with waterproof tips to make sure that the area around your sauna is not impacted. And we will give you various options for different types of wood and varying sizes of sauna, so that you can choose the best option for your home. However, please note that Ecotone does not install components that other vendors provide. Our custom kit has specific inclusions which meet the needs of each of our customers, and we only install these to ensure quality.

Would you like a sauna in your home? Reach out to us at Ecotone, we are a Brooklyn based construction company and we specialize in building custom saunas and spas. We look forward to serving you!

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