ARC40 graduate, eager for Ecotone Apprenticeship & thriving design/building career.

Phase Two

Successful completion of the ARC40 certificate demonstrates an earnest willingness to continue in the design and building industry. ARC40 holders graduate to the apprentice placement phase of The Ecotone Apprenticeship Program. Full-time, paid apprenticeships within our network and continued support from the Ecotone Team are how we ensure the continued success of our Apprentices on their pathway. Some apprentices work on Ecotone crews on our full-time construction projects; others place within our network of professionals in the trades, construction management, and construction design fields.


Today we have apprentices in placements on major building sites in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. Our apprentices place under the direct supervision of experienced and carefully selected supervisors. The ecotone apprentice experience is primarily one to one, one skilled professional to one apprentice, under the direct and close supervision of the most seasoned professionals on the job. The most experienced, the most nurturing, the most patient, and safety-aware workers willfully take on the responsibility of bringing up the next generation. Those who know do, those who understand teach.
Apprentices & skilled pros at NYC building sites, fostering growth & safety together.
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