Public Works

We foster community wellness with education and experiential learning.

Ecotone team working on community garden project in NYC

Community Wellness

Established in 2010, Ecotone was born from the idea of reviving the nearly forgotten tradition of local carpenters leading the development and organization of their communities. Ecotone embraces a conceptual approach to design and development that revolves around fostering community wellness through education and experiential learning. Our workflow and processes are organized to prioritize these values, ensuring that our projects not only meet the immediate needs of our private clients and the community, but also contribute to the overall well-being of the communities we live and work in. Explore below for more information about Ecotone’s apprenticeship program and community wellness initiatives, and be sure to get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating on a community wellness project!


Ecotone’s mission to support community wellness doesn’t stop at building public spaces and gardens. The health of every community hinges on the ability of its people to find fulfilling and financially-supportive careers where they can learn valuable real-world skills, skills that can be used to give back to the community in any number of ways. Providing real-world work experience for apprentices on public works projects remains at the core of our vision, and our extensive training and certification program is the perfect starting point for aspiring designers and tradesmen to break into New York City’s design and construction industry.

Hands-on training at Ecotone’s apprenticeship workshop.
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proud workers after finishing a public work in nyc
ecotone's studio - nyc
happy kids in a public work - nyc
public work - Doe Fund, East Harlem 2013 - Manhattan nyc