Indoor Gardening Essentials

Incorporating plants, vegetables, and salads in your home or office environment brings a wealth of benefits to anyone using that space. An indoor garden provides purified air, improved oxygen levels, and a more temperate airspace. An indoor garden is manageable and enjoyable if you have the right tools and understanding of what you want to grow.

The following are some essentials for indoor gardening:

Plant Trays

Plant trays are crucial, although not a must. You can reuse egg cartons or paper cups to start your seeds. Be sure to poke a hole in the bottom to allow water to flow freely.


Cachepots are beautiful suggestions for office plants. Cachepots also provide firm support for plants. However, cachepots will require regular maintenance, thorough cleaning, and removal of excess water.

Tiered Stands

Tiered plants stand is an excellent suggestion for indoor gardens since they save on space. You can make some out of using re-purposed crates or drawers.


Indoor grow lights are helpful if your grow space does not get enough natural lights. Each plant requires different treatment so make sure you research the required light levels!


Even plants require the proper nutrients like any other living thing. Choose a fertilizer, liquid or powder, that meets the requirements of the plants you are growing. Handle with care as fertilizers should not get ingested in any form.

Compact Watering Can

There are many designs available when it comes to the watering can. Some have longer necks for hard to reach places and controlled flow, while others have shorter wider necks for an enhanced flow. Find one that best suits your needs. You can also re-purpose old containers, like glass or plastic bottles. If using tap water, make sure to let the water sit for 24hrs before using on your plants.

Hand Pruners

Plants are just like pets and people; they need attention and care. Hand pruners are an essential tool that helps you keep active and maintain the shapes of your plants. Some plants enjoy pruning which encourages growth, while others do not like pruning. Do your homework!

Hand-Held Spray Bottle

A sprayer for applying mist and soaps for the plants is crucial. Invest in a well made sprayer that has an even distribution nozzle and either glass or metal components. Plastic does not hold up as well over time especially for moving parts.

Trellis Support

A trellis provides support for plants’ growth. Some plants are creepers and climbers who will require a trellis to grow upon. You can use a piece of string or a long stick at the rear of the pot as a quick and simple trellis.

Clay Pots

Clay pots are an excellent suggestion for affordable plant containers. The clay is a beautiful natural material and allows for air and water flow due to its porous nature.

Plant Caddy

A plant caddy is a one way to have plants while maintaining fluidity of your space. You can easily move the plants around without much effort as having to move each plant individually.


A quick way to make hanging plant holders is to use macramé! There are many easy tutorials online that show how to tie up a pot that is both functional and decorative.

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