Plunge Pools: The Benefits For Rehabilitation & Recovery


Quick analysis on the variety of modern-days tubs and pools

“Post-exercise recovery is a vital component of the overall exercise training paradigm, and essential for high-level performance and continued improvement.” – Lance C. Dalleck, PH.D, RESEARCH FROM THE ACE SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY PANEL

Having a post-workout recovery and/or physical rehabilitation plan is an essential requirement for both professional/amateur athletes and everyday gym enthusiasts. Intense workouts or training sessions oftentimes leave the body vulnerable to injuries, muscle pulls and body tissue decrement. Praised by experts, plunge pools, which have both hot or cold options, are a suitable course of action for post-workout recovery needs.

Cold plunge pool

The cold plunge pool is akin to a sophisticated ice bath, with its soothing and refined qualities, it is able to facilitate recovery of muscle inflammation, diminish pain and soreness and also curb any swelling. In addition, the cold helps to remedy the process of muscle constriction and relaxation. Due to its ability to prep the body for major athletic training, many professional athletes have custom-made cold plunge pools in their homes and many local gyms have begun to install them in their facilities.

Hot plunge pool

On the contrary, the hot plunge pool is primarily utilized for the pre-workout warm-up because it increases the individual’s ability to be able to withstand prolonged physical and mental effort for the workout, session and/or training. Furthermore, it helps improve blood circulation which produces efficient utilization of oxygen and glucose reserves and consequently improves the overall workout performance. Ultimately, the workout ends up being both productive and injury preventative.

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Cold and Hot plunge pool combo

Contrast therapy is a post workout treatment where both cold and hot plunges are used to treat pain. In cold water, the muscles contract and in hot water, there is an expansion of blood vessels. This contrast therapy, moving between a hot plunge and a cold plunge, flushes out muscle trauma and inflammation mediators. The cold plunge system takes care of maintaining lower temperatures to offer benefits, namely constriction of muscles helping with inflammation and augment recovery and rehabilitation. On the other hand, the hot plunge enhances the muscle relaxation process and steadies blood circulation. It is a perfect mechanism for conditioning, rejuvenating, revitalizing and facilitating recovery for better performance.

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  • Similar to a bathtub but are structurally much deeper – usually a minimum of 14-15 inches but some Japanese tubs have a depth of 22 inches.
  • Are designed to support the frame of one’s body
  • Are designed for long soaks
  • Helps to create a “hot tub-esque” and relaxing feeling in one’s home

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