3 Ways Steam Boosts Physical Health

Steam showers and spa/sauna sessions can provide huge benefits to our mental physical health if we incorporate them into our healthcare routine. Ecotone’s sauna and steam room experts have years of experience designing luxury spa experiences in the New York City area, and here are their favorite health benefits of heat and steam:

1. Steam Clears Your Airways

Steam has the capability to clear the sinuses, throat, and lungs by cleaning the stuffy build-up in them. Not only does this allow us to breathe easier, but steam also reduces inflammation to help our respiratory system to get relief from any kind of discomfort or swelling. Furthermore, during allergy season, the wet heat of a steam shower can help you get rid of any kind of allergies or head cold.

Steam also helps in fighting off free radicals, getting higher blood oxygen levels, and relaxing the stress response in our body. The balanced stress response leads to a good balance of various other aspects of our body.

2. Steam Clears Out The Waste of The Body Through Sweating

We are living in an era of exponentially increasing pollution and excessive use of chemicals. Hence, every single day we get terrible layers of various pollutants and chemicals on our skin that contain toxic elements. That’s why the popular “detox” comes into our lives although we normally don’t have to worry about it as our body has several natural mechanisms for detox. Instead of opting for a detox that has minor proven benefits, opt for a steam room, sauna, or steam shower. Sweating is one of the best detox mechanisms of our body and regular steam shower sessions can boost the sweating process in our body up to a great level which can result in the removal of several irritants such as heavy metals through our skin. Many of us live with an increased amount of mercury or sodium within our systems, by entering a steam room, you’re able to decrease these levels in a non-invasive manner by increasing the circulation in your lymphatic system.

3. Steam Improves Flexibility and Speeds Up Recovery in Athletes

If you are an athlete, you are well aware of the RICE method of recovery from injuries. This process is based on 4 steps i.e. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. But, another major aspect that is not included in the method is flexibility. Our daily exercises can improve the flexibility of our bodies. However, a regular steam shower practice can increase tendon and ligament flexibility by almost 25%, while also reducing the risk of future injuries.

Outside of flexibility, another key aspect of athletics is anti-inflammation to keep our physical bodies running at optimal levels. By engaging in steam showers or the use of a steam room/sauna, you’re able to lower the inflammation throughout your body, reduce stress, and recover quicker.

Work with Ecotone

Regardless of if you’re an athlete or not, steam can boost our physical health in more ways than above as the benefits are endless. At Ecotone, we are always eager to set up the best steam room and other amenities for our clients. Our luxury spa builders are able to create the perfect luxury design to help you achieve all of these benefits and more. To learn more about our available services, get in touch with us today!

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