Sauna For Heart Health: How Does It Work?

Most people know that a good sauna session can relax your body and soothe your mind, but few people know regular trips to the spa can greatly improve your heart health. Even just a 30-minute sauna session can become a tremendous blessing for your heart.

At Ecotone, we have been designing and building spas for our clients in and around New York City for nearly a decade. With years of expertise in the respective field, we are discussing the positive impact of saunas on heart health.

Lower Blood Pressure

In a study, it is found that persons who used the sauna saw a good drop in blood pressure. They received positive results against artery stiffness immediately after their sauna session. Also, the sauna session caused a great healthy increase in their heart rate. That increase in heart rate is normally seen after a good workout. So, it becomes evident that a proper sauna session can be considered to be as beneficial as a good workout.

Less Heart Disease

Another study conducted on 102 middle-aged adults found that those who used sauna got various causes of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease lowered than others who did not use sauna frequently. For the research, 102 people in their 40s and 50s were recruited. They did not have any heart disease but they had several risk factors for severe heart problems. They had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and some other severe risk factors.

Each participant took a sauna session in traditional Finnish style that involves dry heat with a topmost temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. As the result, it was seen that those sauna users’ blood pressure dropped up to seven points and the non-invasive tests found their arteries to be more elastic. Also, the sauna session caused their heart rate to rise from an average of 65 beats per minute to an average of 81 beats per minute. From these observations, a renowned cardiologist Dr. Joshua Liberman concluded that these short-term positive effects of the sauna session indicate great long-term benefits of the sauna session on heart health.

How to Safely Use a Sauna

Dr. Liberman also added that frequent sauna visits should not be compulsory for everyone. Those who are already on medication to lower their blood pressure should consult with their doctors first. Otherwise, the blood pressure drop due to the sauna can cause dizziness in them or they can even faint.

Saunas are greatly beneficial not only in the terms of a relaxing experience, they are also a very important part of a good healthcare routine. People should visit a sauna in a systematic manner but, according to how their health permits and taking good care of hydration.

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