6 Trends in Modern Luxury Spa Design For 2022

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The evolution of spas is a fascinating history. What started out as public bathhouses in areas where clean water was difficult to access unless you were extremely wealthy, has now turned into an international phenomenon that boosts wellness, rejuvenates people, and even offers many health benefits. For instance, one 2016 study found that participants who stayed at a holistic spa and wellness center for 6 days experienced reduced levels of bodily chemicals that are associated with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 

Though luxury spas and wellness centers have changed over the years, they have always provided a place of refuge, retreat, and health to those who access them. Today, better technologies, enhanced facilities, and trained practitioners enable spas to curate unique experiences and follow new wellness trends. Luxury spa design is always evolving, and to keep up with the best of the best, you must know what the best are doing. Some of this year’s most popular high-end spa design trends are:

1. Integration of Nature

In 2005, when journalist Richard Louv wrote about the idea of “Nature Deficit Disorder” and the relationship nature has with health, the concept was largely ignored by the health and wellness community. Now, however, there are thousands of studies on this very topic, proving that nature can not only lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, but it can go as far as building a sense of community and lowering crime levels.

Nature is not accessible in every city and to every person, but with the right luxury spa room design, nature can be brought to those in the wellness space. Using natural materials like wood, bamboo, and rocks is growing in popularity in the luxury spa design space. Outfitting spas with plenty of plants can keep help purify the air and bring a pop of real, living, natural beauty to the space. Lastly, water features have always been popular among luxury spa designers like ourselves, but they are not going anywhere anytime soon. The sound of rain, waterfalls, and babbling brooks can be the last step in creating a sensory experience that transports spa guests to an oasis.

2. Building Social Spa Environments

This one might seem a bit counterintuitive at first because most people think of going to the spa, getting a massage, and not talking to a single soul during their visit. However, spas started out as communal spaces that brought people together, and we are seeing more of these characteristics come back to high-end spa design.

Community spaces must be factored into the design plans or else there quite literally will not be space for people to come together at most spas. Large soaking pools and luxurious post-treatment spaces are major focal points for luxury spa design today and will continue to be in the years to come.

3. Full-Stack Wellness Centers

Instead of going to one building to work out, another to get a spa treatment, and a third to sit down for a healthy lunch, the best spa interior design experts are focusing on bringing all aspects of wellness under one roof. The popular high-end gym Equinox paved the way for many other gyms, spas, and wellness facilities to consider the bigger picture during the design process.

Hotels, which historically have had robust spa offerings, are now building out better fitness centers and bolstering the availability of healthy dining options to create a space where their guests can access everything they need for wellness. If they are not doing so already, luxury spa designers will have to follow this trend to keep up with the increasing number of places clients can access wellness services and treatments.

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4. Sustainability-Centric Designs

Sustainability and wellness often go hand-in-hand, and more consumers than ever before see the two as synonymous. With a large societal push toward sustainability, luxury spa design is seeing that trend manifest in this space as well. There are many ways to design a high-end spa with sustainability in mind, creating a spa treatment center that not only makes its clients healthier and happier, but also makes the planet we live on healthier and happier.

Prioritizing sustainable materials in construction and furnishing every spa is critical, but it goes even further than that. Hannah Loreto, the founder of the Australian eco spa, Mandurah, notes that installing energy-efficient lighting, going paperless, using reusable alternatives, recycling, and supporting the surrounding community are all aspects of sustainable spa design.

5. Clean Yet Cozy

Luxury spa design in the modern world must find the balance between clean, simple features and warm, inviting spaces. Luckily for luxury spa designers, this balance provides a fun challenge. The use of concrete walls or white spaces can really open up a room, while clever lighting options like lamps and candles can soften the space, striking the perfect balance.

The idea of “coziness” in luxury spa room design goes all the way to the linens used, the robes provided to guests, and more. With large, soft towels, plush slippers, and inviting massage tables, you can take any spa to the next level on the coziness scale.

6. Custom Treatment Options

As we mentioned, people want to be able to get everything they need in one place. They want their float therapy, massage, and sauna sessions to be just a few steps from one another. While this requires luxury spa designers and spas to invest in a wide array of technologies, products, and services, being a one-stop shop will pay off.

Be sure to factor in the new treatments that are on the rise and invest in the equipment, space, and design features that support those treatments. Float therapy, for instance, requires a sensory deprivation tank which can be large, taking up quite a bit of space that needs to be planned for during the luxury spa design process.

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When it comes to luxury spa design, no matter how many trends you try and incorporate into the process, it’s important to be unique, too. You want your spa to offer something new or different that consumers can’t get anywhere else. So yes, consider the trends of modern luxury spa design, but also stay true to your vision in the space you’re trying to curate.

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