4 Reasons Your Hotel Needs a Spa

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When it comes to the hospitality industry, everything revolves around a hotel becoming the ultimate place for a memorable stay. In the past, hotels were highly rated when having superb customer service, clean rooms, and a relevant location. Hotels must now live up to a new standard. Today, adding a luxury hot spa with specialty customer services is an excellent way to make your hotel stand out in the saturated hospitality industry and give you a decisive advantage over your competitors. 

Spas are the hotel’s ultimate luxury destination and can provide a decisive advantage over competitors. It may even raise property value by creating a popular destination for those seeking health and wellness tourism. 

Here is everything you should know about the benefits of adding a hotel spa. 

1. Relaxation is Becoming the Biggest Vacation Priority

Health and wellness tourism is the most popular trend amongst travelers. In fact, wellness trips made up over 600 million international and domestic trips in 2020. Many travelers now believe the primary purpose of going on vacation should be a relaxing destination to improve sleep and rejuvenate the body, instead of treating it like a sightseeing tour where you frantically try to visit as many landmarks as possible. Hiring professional spa builders to create a full-functioning spa allows guests to practice holistic health while enjoying a vacation. 

2. Proven Profitability for Hotels

With all the stress of modern life, spas are no longer considered a complimentary service, but a necessity for increasing bookings and revenue. Most hotels will use a metric called ‘Guest Capture Rate’ to gain an understanding of the total number of guests staying at a property and what will increase return stays.  According to Guest Capture Rates, hotel profits can grow as much as 18% depending upon the available amenities.  

Massage services are correlated with a strong increase in revenue, and services that include skin and body care with salon services have an even higher appreciation: Full-service spas with a consultation or complimentary access can reach up to a fantastic 75% capture rate and a 5.1% increase in revenue.

Looking for a hotel spa architect? 

Ecotone’s hotel spa designers can help you build the perfect spa or wellness center!

3. Create a Truly Luxurious Experience 

With the help of a professional hotel spa construction company, the ultimate luxurious spa can be created. A sleek, modern, and meticulously designed spa can take a hotel to the next level and make it even more desirable to guests.  

You can begin with luxurious accessories, such as full absorbent, white towels, add lotions or special soaps in decorative jars.  If you want to think bigger, try installing luxury spas with message water features. Matte black bathroom sink faucets and drawer handles add an edge of sleek originality, with unique light fixtures bringing the space together and also adds a soft glow  You can also add soft lighting for added comfort. 

Aside from traditional spa amenities, building a beautiful and relaxing indoor garden in your hotel  gives guests a chance to escape the city noise, and spending time in nature has been proven to promote a general sense of well-being.

4. Gain an Advantage Over Competitors 

As people prepare to travel to a new destination, they compare many different hotels to see which one best fits their needs. Some of the most important factors in choosing a hotel are cleanliness, location, and amenities. Having an exclusive hotel spa will allow potential guests to dream about relaxing in the sauna or getting an extensive manicure, thereby improving your booking rates. A well-designed spa also creates plenty of opportunities for social-media worthy photos, increasing the likelihood your guests will mention your hotel in their vacation posts and give you some free marketing!

Hotel Spa Construction with Ecotone 

If you are looking to find a spa contractor to help you with a new project, contact Ecotone today! We specialize in spa construction and can help you create a luxurious hotel spa design that will bring in many new guests. Our spa design management team can help you make the ultimate custom-designed spa that will elevate your hotel into a luxury retreat. 

Whether you are looking to create a specific calming environment or full-service amenity, Ecotone can create the perfect oasis of relaxation and wellness.

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